This scene was a long time in the making. Getting our bi-curious hunk Ivan Lenko to finally reverse positions and bottom for the first time took a fair bit of convincing. A couple of weeks ago, we finally got him to accept. He had seen and talked to a few guys from our site who had taken the plunge and he figured he should be able to pull it off. So Ivan came by the office a week before this shoot and picked up a 7′ dildo to practice. We decided to team him up with newcomer Mario Torrez who sports a nice 8′ uncut cock.

Mario had booked a hotel room and Ivan had reached the point where he wanted to try the real thing instead of a dildo. Our top guy suggested that they go to the room ‘to check out your progress’, as he said to Ivan. The guys knew each other already, so Ivan was comfortable knowing that Mario would be the one popping his cherry… Off to the hotel they went!

Mario wanted to help Ivan get rid of his obvious nervousness, so he offered to give his buddy a bit of a back rub — an offer that Ivan was quite happy to accept. As he was relaxing more and more, clothes started coming off. Mario was tenderly kissing Ivan’s body as he was peeling off, one by one, articles of clothing. He made his way down to Ivan’s stiff dick, pulling it out of its underwear and wrapping it between his lips. Mario was doing a superb job of sucking on Ivan’s pole, going down on it right to the base, sucking and licking away at his balls and shaft.

It was then time for Ivan to reciprocate. He got going by doing what he does best, i.e. kissing his partner tenderly and sensually licking his upper body, before making his way down to Mario’s white briefs. Ivan took our new Man of Montreal’s cock in hand and started stroking and sucking him into a stiff boner.

The guys switched positions on the bed, and Ivan got on his stomach so Mario could gain access to his ass. Mario spat some saliva on Ivan’s ass crack and then thumbed his hole to loosen him up. Then came his large 8′ uncut cock.

To say that Ivan was tight would be an understatement. And Mario’s cock was larger than the dildo he had been using. Our top was having some difficulty getting in, so he guided his buddy into relaxing. He finally was able to pop in his 8 incher and then he started fucking our muscle bottom firmly. First in a doggie position, then missionary-style, Mario eventually got Ivan comfortable enough to firmly take his big cock. But Ivan was clearly struggling from time to time. Mario decided to give Ivan a break as he stopped fucking and sat up on his bottom’s chest facing down to his dick, so he could get his ass rimmed. Before sitting his ass hole firmly over Ivan’s mouth, the guys got into a bit of 69 action. Both were rock hard throughout.

While Ivan had his mouth smothered in Mario’s asshole, our top dude was jerking both cocks. The guys were getting close. They ramped up and actually shot at the same time. After they came, Mario laid next to his buddy. The look on his face was one of satisfaction for a job well done! He moved in and kissed Ivan as they faded off screen.

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Mario Torrez, a Montreal native of Italian descent is making a return to porn after shooting a few scenes a year and a half ago. He met Marko Lebeau at a club recently and mentioned that wasn’t yet sure if he wanted to make a comeback. He finally decided he did, and contacted our team to film a surprise solo for Marko and solicited his feedback to do more.

Mario started by settling in on the couch and started rubbing his bare chest, showing off his tight muscles and toned abs for the camera. Mario as it turns out is a sexual animal. That was apparent as he stripped off his jeans to show off the fact he was going commando. He likes the feel of free balling beneath his jeans. His cock was already stiff and he got right into action playing with his fat 8′ uncut cock.

Mario kept jacking himself while moving into several different positions, showing off his hot bod. After playing with his dick for a while, he turned around, in the huge picture window, bent slightly forward and showed off his amazingly hot and hairy ass hole, using his fingers to spread his cheeks and massage his hole. While fingering his hole with one hand, he kept jerking off with the other giving anyone looking into the window a most impressive show.

After showing off some more, Mario finally settled into the armchair, spread some massage oil all over his chest and cock and kept getting himself all worked up. Mario ramped up and delivered one hefty load of jizz onto his lubed up abs. What a sight! Mario finished things off with a nice wink and big smile for the videographer.

Marko was definitely pleased with his performance and immediately contacted Mario to schedule another shoot. Keep an eye out for him soon.

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Best friends, Vince Carrera and Justin Filion, agreed to do a side-by-side jerk off video for us. To do so, they hooked up with us during our Anniversary weekend shoot at the cottage we rented 90 min. east of Montreal. We wanted to see how far we could take them, knowing both guys are straight, but jerking off together for a gay porn site…

When they arrived, they had a bit of time to kill as we were finishing up a solo shoot. They headed to the foosball table and played a few rounds. Vince is the bro who has the more competitive spirit of the two. Justin tends to be a bit quieter and he lets Vince take front stage. So, it wasn’t surprising when Vince scored the goal on their last round and he boasted about winning. You’ll see a few more occasions in the video that Vince likes to play one-up on Justin, who takes it all in stride.

Vince hit the shower and as soon as he was under the water he started to jack off his 8 inches of uncut meat. He carries a lot of foreskin on his dick head and even at the base of his cock where his shaft meets his balls. There, nature has graced him with surplus skin than helps make his jerking movements more fluid. Justin followed suit a few minutes later and knocked to see if he could take a leak. Once he noticed Vince jerking his cock, this was as good a time as any other to get their side-by-side j/o party underway.

Justin connected his cell phone to the Internet and put on some porn so the guys could be entertained while showing off their jerking talent. It was funny to see them glancing over at each other, sometimes a bit freaked out by the idea that they were jerking off together. They would look at each other, smile and soon go back into their bubble. Vince mentioned, somewhat awkwardly, how he felt it was strange since it was the first time he ever jerked off in the company of a buddy of his. Justin, in an apparent move to reassure his bro, treated it light-heartedly, reminding (or trying to convince himself and Vince…) that it was ok because they are straight.

They looked over at each other many times, smiling, smirking and talking. At one point, Vince even asked what they were planning to do that same evening… But if there was one of them who checked out the other’s dick more often, the winner would be Justin. He seemed to visually take in his buddy’s hard cock more often than the reverse.

Always the exhibitionist, Vince used the excuse of having sore legs from working out to show off his butt cheeks to his buddy, bouncing and flexing them, and boasting about their sexy round form… We agree, he definitely has a hot ass!

Still very competitive, Vince was the first one to shoot his load. When he was done, he laughed and bragged and told Justin to try and top his cum shot. Justin wasn’t fazed, but took a few more minutes before he was ready to shoot a load. When he was getting close, it was cute to see Vince start to jerk himself off again automatically… if not because he was turned on, this was, at the very least, an obvious attempt to encourage his bro in his performance. Justin shot a very decent load, but Vince was quick in saying that his was bigger. We weren’t so sure of that. But who were we to challenge this bro-style jousting.

We weren’t able to get the guys to physically make contact, other than during the photo shoot when they showed off their butts to the camera as Justin laid an arm on Vince’s shoulder… But do not despair…. This will hopefully come in the near future. We might have another shot it soon. Because the missing link in the bro-style affection is Justin’s real-life hot muscled brother, Cody. Cody just started working as a stripper with the other two guys and has accepted to do a solo for us. Who knows, we may get the three musketeers together at some point.

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Vince Carrera is best buds with Justin Filion. They are both male strippers and when Justin left after doing his solo, he was on such a high that Vince just couldn’t resist the temptation to try to upstage his bro. We had tried to get Vince in for a solo for quite a while, but peer pressure seems to be the thing that won him over. We love it! Vince is not shy, in fact he’s quite the exhibitionist, as are most strippers. This guy is of Italian descent from his mother’s side. He’s a 21 y.o. straight boy who weighs 165 lbs., and he hangs out with Justin all the time. Gym, work, partying… no, not sex… yet. They are real bros.

For his solo we brought him in and had him show off. While watching porn on the computer, he gave our camera a lot of attitude. We set him up at the desk to watch his porn and stroke his nice 8′ uncut cock. This dude has got so much foreskin that even while hard his cockhead doesn’t pop out. From his balls to his shaft there is a lot of skin also (thankfully!) to give him full motion jerking action.

Vince didn’t spend much time watching the computer screen, he seemed far more intent on showing off for us to get off. He used as much furniture as possible as props… the desk top, the chair, the floor, the desk top again… Vince loves to slap his cock against his hand when he’s jacking off. He’s not a hairy guy by any means, with the exception of his butt hole. He wasn’t keen on fingering it, but he did give us quite the look and rubbed his hand against it generously.

Vince didn’t need any encouragement to shoot his load. After moving back and forth from one piece of furniture to the other, he unloaded his thick baby batter on the desk top. He had a look of contentment on his face, and wanted to know if he had done better than Justin…. We weren’t going to bite.

Obviously when all was said and done we explored the possibilities of him doing some nasty stuff with his bro Justin. Having sex doesn’t appear to be in the cards, but jacking off next to him seems doable. So our next installment in this story will be the two of them j/o side by side… Hopefully then we can get a bit more out of these two… Stay tuned.

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If you like your guys with hairy crotches and assholes, you will be well served with this scene. Hairy cub Marko Lebeau gives up his ass for newcomer Pascal Aubry in this bathroom fuck-a-thon.

Pascal is still exploring his newfound interest for man-to-man sex. And, in this his second fuck scene with us, he performed his first ass rimming. He definitely appears to be getting the hang of things as he was very comfortable throughout the shoot. He is also becoming quite a good cock tease.

For his part, Marko was pretty assertive about getting his ass plowed. There was no doubt that he was enjoying all the attention his ass was getting from Pascal’s cock. He kept moaning and squirming, constantly repeating how good it felt.

We took a lot of close up footage of the fucking action, so we could get a full view of these guys’ hairy crotches and butt. Pascal first got to fuck Marko’s ass in the shower. He then moved on to the edge of the tub where Marko rode his cowboy’s cock. For the finale, the guys moved to the floor where Pascal blasted a pretty sizable load on to Marko’s back. Marko then pumped his rock hard dick dry.

Pascal’s eagerness has us believing that it won’t be long before we get his hairy butt smashed up by some mean dick!

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Gabriel Clark arrived for his shoot with Christian Power admitting that this was the biggest guy ever that he had performed with. He was a bit intimidated by fucking a mountain of muscle that weighs 100 lbs more than he does. For his part, Christian knew that Gabriel was well equipped and a forceful top. He hadn’t bottomed in a while so he was clearly jittery. But, both were in good spirits and you can see during their opening conversation that sex was the main focus of their attention. Gabriel was describing in detail how he wanted to eat out Christian’s ass and Christian was telling Gabriel the positions he wanted to try out. Coincidentally, he wanted to try pile driving, Gabriel’s favorite position… This was promising. Then, Gabriel wanted to get into some muscle worship and so he sat behind Christian on the back of the couch and worked away on his upper chest and biceps… He even pounced on his bottom’s pecs, but nothing moved it was so hard!

From idle chit-chat the guys then started kissing, but with all the sex talk they had, it wasn’t long before Gabriel pushed Christian onto his back and dove for his cock. Pretty quickly they stripped off their clothes, Gabriel then stood on the couch while Christian sat down and in went Gabriel’s cock to Christian’s mouth.

Both guys have similar sized dicks. And both were sporting some pretty stiff boners. Gabriel was fixated on eating out Christian’s ass before shoving his cock into it, so they got up and kissed for a bit before Gabriel asserted his top man position and pushed Christian onto his knees on the couch. Christian remarked that Gabriel ‘wanted to play rough’… And, in dove Gabriel with his tongue. When it came time for shove his stiff cock up Christian’s ass, it was obvious that our bodybuilder was finding this painful. He actually said ‘Oh Fuck’ when his ass lips were pierced by our top’s 8.5 incher. It took a while for Christian to feel more comfortable and, actually, every time Gabriel and he changed fucking positions it seemed that he was wincing and squirming. He admitted afterwards that he needed to give his ass more attention in the future.

You’ll notice during the shoot that some background noise made its way into the shoot. There were kids in the hotel corridor that were playing not far from the room. It distracted the guys, and at one point Christian got up, went to the room’s door entrance, opened it, poked outside the door in the buff with a boner and hollered ‘Hey! Pipe it down!’ Then… Dead silence in the room and from the kids ensued. He shut the door and we all suddenly laughed and got back to the action. The kids were only momentarily destabilized by this mountain of muscle in the nude hollering at them, as they got back to their horseplay about two minutes later…

Gabriel was kinda enjoying finding himself in the position of topping such a massive piece of man. And, it isn’t always easy finding positions where we get a good shot of Christian getting fucked. His ass cheeks are so big!! But Gabriel’s dick size more than made up. So, for the finale, we got a clear view as the guys got into a spooning position. Gabriel was pumping and he soon shot all over Christian’s butt cheek. He then moved into position lying down to get what he loves best… cum! Gabriel was on his back, Christian hovering above. Gabe started sucking the big guy as he got ready to unload into Gabe’s waiting mouth. Gabriel lapped it up, got up and kissed Christian. As they wrapped things up, Gabriel suggested they do a repeat at some point. To which Christian stated that he would be the one in the driver’s seat. Gabriel’s ‘Yeah right’ answer didn’t seem to indicate that such a thing would happen… We’ll eventually find out.

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After his solo performance a couple of weeks back, Pascal Aubry told Marko Lebeau that he was eager and ready to come back for more. Although Marko had suggested he would be Pascal’s first fuck, it turns out that Alexy Tyler was the one doing the honors. Thankfully, Alexy understands enough French for the guys to communicate because Pascal’s command of English is quite limited. Not surprising the dialogue between the guys was more centered around their facial expressions and their cocks’ stiffness than on spoken words.

Pascal was nervous for this shoot as it was his man-on-man sex baptism. As a male stripper he may strut his stuff in the faces of many men, but he candidly admitted not having done more than performing on stage. During his solo, he told us he was bi-curious, but judging by the looks of things in this scene, we can definitely move him from the bi-curious to the bi category. Pascal really appeared to enjoy himself. This was the first time he was going to suck cock and fuck a guy. His technique obviously showed his limited experience in sucking dick and at first he was somewhat hesitant. But, once it came time to get sucked and to fuck, his cock just wouldn’t deflate.

For his part, Alexy Tyler enjoys breaking in the newbies, and in this case he was really turned on by Pascal’s efforts and responsiveness to his servicing. Pascal’s cock has a wide girth and Alexy was looking forward to taking it up the ass.

First, the guys started making out and then they gave each other some generous cock worshiping. We shot some pretty cool angles showing them in full action. Before getting the two on the bed for some serious ass fucking they paused and showed off their hot butts. Alexy was showing us the huge bubble butt that has helped him make a name for himself and Pascal showed us those luscious hairy mounds that make his ass so delectable. We were hoping for some nice ass licking, but alas, Alexy is no great fan of rimming and Pascal wasn’t quite ready to go down that road yet. We’ll work on that for his upcoming performances.

After this display of butt cheeks, Alexy moved onto the bed, in position for a good doggy style pounding. Then, Pascal moved into a lying position on the bed so Alexy could ride his cock like a cowboy. They then went into a spooning position and Alexy was squinting every time Pascal shoved his dick deep inside.

Alexy was the first one to cum, shooting as he was getting fucked. After bringing his partner to orgasm, Alexy needed a brief break from the intense fucking. Moments later, Pascal resumed his ass pounding and built himself into a frenzy, ready to shoot his load in no time. He pulled out and moved towards Alexy’s face to drop his white jizz into Alexy’s waiting mouth.

After everything was said and done, Alexy was glowing from the fucking he got and Pascal ready was for more. So, obviously, we’ll see if we can get the newbie to eat some ass and, hopefully, get him to take cock also… So, stay tuned.

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Marko Lebeau has known Matthew Cox for a few years. So it wasn’t a surprise to hear him use Matthew’s real name instead of his stage name in the intro. So, obviously, we muted that out of the dialogue. Marko had been talking to Matthew about coming back to shoot for us, but this straight dude was hesitant. Remaining vague in their discussions, Marko had Matthew come in for a blind folded servicing, leaving him under the impression it wasn’t going to be a guy doing the job.

If you recall, during his solo performance a few weeks back, Matthew had played with his ass and butt hole quite a bit. We were convinced that a woman could in no way help give this dude’s ‘no fly zone’ all the attention it deserved. We called upon Benjamin D’Amour, who has turned out to be quite the talented cocksucker, to service our 5’3′ blond bodybuilder.

But Benjamin was in no way satisfied with a passive servicing of this jock. He pushed the envelope a few times and even started taking command. There was obviously a mind game taking place here and we weren’t too sure how far or what direction this would ultimately take.

Matthew was blindfolded to begin the scene as Marko told him he had a surprise for him. Then Benjamin came into action. His attentive and soft approach was enough to get Matthew going. But, he didn’t waste time stripping Cox of his blindfold and clothes. Matthew took this all in stride and seemed rather comfortable getting all this attention from a guy. We were quite pleased to see his interact a fair bit with Benjamin, even kissing him on the mouth several times. At one point when he helped Benjamin strip down, he was inches away from Ben’s cock and we thought for a sec that he was going to grab it and lick it. Alas, that wasn’t to be. But, as Benjamin’s ministrations continued, Matthew was getting very responsive.

At one point, Benjamin blurted out that ‘it’s almost a surprise for me too’. He was getting the definite feeling that this straight dude was way more responsive than he initially thought he would be. As Benjamin was seeing this guy answering well to all his attention, he got more assertive. He started rimming him and then asked Matthew for a response: ‘Tell me what you want me to do!’ He insisted: ‘What is it you want me to do?’ ‘Eat my ass out’, was the response in a muffled voice. When Benjamin went further and started fingering Matthew’s hole, he insisted again: ‘What am I doing? Huh! What am I doing?’ Matthew didn’t answer this time. You could see that Benjamin was pushing this guy into way more than he thought he could get out of him initially. He later insisted on getting Matthew to admit that he was enjoying the cock sucking he was getting.

At one point, while Benjamin was sucking on Matthew’s dick, our little bodybuilder extended his hands out and reached for Benjamin’s head to kiss him on the lips. Benjamin wanted his butt hole taken care of also, so he then pulled out a butt plug and started to push and shove it up his ass. He then asked Matthew to take over. Matthew obliged. Again, he surprised us a couple of times as he kissed Benjamin’s thigh a couple of times while playing with his ass. This scene just was not all about him…

This action got Benjamin all worked up and it wasn’t long for him to release his sizable cum load all over his chest. Matthew followed shortly after and spread his own white jizz all over Benjamin’s chest. When they were done, Matthew bent down and kissed Benjamin. Ben asked him if he enjoyed his surprise. ‘Yes’, was the response. Matthew took this much further than we expected. Much of that can be attributed to Benjamin’s talented attention and mind game. We definitely hope to get Matthew back for more. Hopefully, he will respond well again.

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Happy New Year All!

In this week’s installment, Marko Lebeau joins Christian Power and Mickelo Evans for a toast to ring in the New Year. Once the champagne has popped and the guys toasted 2014, Marko exits and the guys get down to business.

As they enter the room, Christian firmly moves Mickelo against the wall and the two lock lips. But Mickelo has other things on his mind and he moves Christian against the wall, gets down on his knees and start sucking Christian to hardness. Mickelo is clearly enjoying giving Christian an intense blow job and goes at it for quite a while. In fact, Mickelo was eagerly looking forward to shooting with Christian. He loves giving head and it shows.

Christian is a bit leaner these days and looking mighty fine. With little effort he propels Mickelo onto the bed, strips him of his pants and returns the blow job favor. Sucking his partner’s cock, flickering his tongue on his balls and cock head, Christian’s attention is making a happy camper out of our Mediterranean stud.

Christian finally moves away from Mickelo’s stiff boner, raises his ass and firmly grips his ass cheeks so he can tongue and finger that dude’s hole. It’s kinda hot to see Christian thumbing his spit into his partner’s lubed hole. This action was prep work as Christian readied his cock into Mickelo’s ass. You can see our Muscle Man’s round bubble butt moving rhythmically back and forth as Mickelo moans and groans from every pounding our Titan is giving him. From above, from below, Christian’s 8.5′ uncut cock moves breathlessly in and out of that grateful butthole.

The guys then move onto the bed for some more cock sucking as they sixty-nine one another. Next, Christian lies on his back and starts machine-gun pounding Mickelo who is now sitting on his partner’s cock, and moaning like a dude in heat. This fucking really worked him into a frenzy as he gets off Christian’s cock to shoot his load all over our bodybuilder’s stomach. Christian follows suit and places Mickelo’s left cheek in his own cum. Christian ramps up and shoots his load on his buddy’s other cheek. Mickelo’s face and lips are now covered in jizz as he moves up for a parting cum-covered kiss.

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Max Chevalier and Alexy Tyler are two fit guys always ready for action. And Alexy is a bit of a toy fiend as he loves sticking things up his ass. When he came in for the shoot, he told us he was experiencing some pain in the lower back. This gave us the idea to have Max give him a nice backrub to take out some of the kinks… so to speak.

Well, we pulled out the massage table and let the guys go at it. Max started to do his deed, slowly massaging Alexy’s back and making his way down to his butt cheeks. His patient was soon experiencing some tingling in his groin as his thoughts were going from his back massage to the huge cock tenting out of his masseur’s gym pants. Max was doing a superb job of oiling up Alexy’s tight asshole and bringing it to life.

Alexy needed no more encouragement as he dove right into his masseur’s mid-section and started sucking on our bodybuilder’s hefty cock, throwing it back as far in his throat as possible. Max started to face fuck Alexy. He then moved down as Alexy turned around exposing his bone hard cock. Our muscleman decided it was time for him to reciprocate. And he did, giving the deep-throat treatment that he had just received. Alexy was in heaven, moaning and gyrating.

Alexy turned around again and this time Max used the opportunity to give his buddy a good rimming prior to pulling out a nice 8′ dildo to prep his bottom’s ass for the soon-to-come fucking. Alexy was again enjoying this butt play to the hilt… After some pretty firm dildo play, he was ready for a good fucking. Max moved to the other side of the table and just plunged right in knowing that his partner’s ass had loosened up enough to take his big cock effortlessly.

They initially started in a missionary position, then we were in awe as Max moved Alexy to the edge of the massage table and our bottom boy just held himself in position with his hands and arms, as his ass was being plowed in mid-air. Max was pumping away. But this seemed to be Alexy’s downfall, as Max got really excited and needed to unload his jizz. As he came on Alexy’s balls and cock, our patient’s back pain returned and Max, the gentleman, laid him on his back and pulled out the dildo again to help him shoot his load. It was a smoother ride than getting a hard fuck.

A real trooper, Alexy took it all in stride. As they kissed in the finale, it was now time to give his back a rest.

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‘Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the City lights shined bright and shoppers milled about on snowy-white covered sidewalks. Among the throngs of people milling about, there stood Marko Lebeau greeting his new solo recruit, 24 year old Jeremy Talbot.

They walked about, taking in the sights and sounds of a city readying itself for the Holiday Season. From the downtown shopping core, they made their way to the house. There Jeremy was expected so he could perform his first ever porno scene….

Marko got things going by introducing Jeremy and telling him he was going to be this year’s Xmas gift to fans. Jeremy was quite laid back and casual about the whole situation. He was pretty emphatic about being a straight dude, only to waiver when Marko said ‘but you must be a bit curious though’ and he said ‘Indeed’. How can he not be, given he works as a male dancer at one of the city’s gay strip clubs?!

Jeremy is originally from Quebec City, the provincial capital. Now living in Montreal, during the day, he attends a local trade’s school, learning carpentry.

This jock is not one of those typical straight guys who shaves off all his pubes. Au contraire, he actually keeps all his body hair, including his pubes. He does trim them a bit, but most impressive of all is his hairy bubble butt. It’s a definite erectile stimulator.

Once Marko left the set, Jeremy got down to business, massaging his body, playing with his dick and ass as he progressively took off his t-shirt and sexy tight white long johns. He was clearly getting more and more into his jerk-off session as his moaning and groaning intensified. He might have been a bit over enthusiastic when he told Marko that he had a 7.5′ boner. It registers more closely to 7′, but his uncut dick just wouldn’t go down all throughout the shoot. He loves to spit lube it and even enjoyed spit lubing his asshole, prior to fingering it.

After a good 20 to 25 minutes of playing with his dick, we could tell that he was getting close to shooting his load. He was not shy about cumming in front of the crew; in fact we got the distinct impression that the idea of having an audience actually fed his rush. Jeremy is not a long distance shooter, but he definitely delivered a nice load on his stomach and in his hand. Whether he comes back for more is a bit early to tell. For the time being, enjoy!

Merry Christmas all!

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